“Sew” much fun!

After my baby girl, Eleanor, was born, my mother came into town, as mothers often do, bringing gifts for me, my daughter, and my husband. Like us, she was overjoyed at the new addition to our family and couldn’t wait to celebrate.

I have to say, though, that when I opened my gift and saw that it was a sewing machine, I was not too pleased. You would think that a brand new mom would be given a gift card to the spa, not a new gadget that requires learning a new skill amongst all else going on. I pretended that I loved it (of course), and it proceeded to sit in my closet until Eleanor was about one.

I happened upon some beginner sewing machine reviews one day and saw that the sewing machine my mom bought was featured in it. I remembered the sewing machine in my closet and decided to make the best of it and give sewing a try. Though it took quite awhile to learn, the sewing machine that I was gifted was amazing and certainly built for beginners. The pamphlet that came with it walked me through all the necessary steps, and I learned how to use each of the settings of the machine with no problem. Not soon after I learned, I began sewing Eleanor some simple clothes. I found that I actually could have fun sewing!


This beginner sewing machine helped me make “me” time as I discovered a new hobby. I love that the sewing machine is light weight but powerful. The foot pedal is easy to control, and I feel that I can sew at my own speed. My mother and friends are astonished by the adorable outfits this little machine churns out! My only regret is that I did not pick up sewing (and this fabulous machine) earlier! This machine certainly does its job efficiently and is a fun item to own!