I bought a new elliptical trainer for my home

I had differences with the trainer at the gym. I paid the fee in time, but he has not been allocating a machine to me out there. I can’t be doing different set of exercises, just because there is a new client who needs his assistance. In any event, I think that is an excuse he was offering because he was short of equipment, and cannot add another because of shortage of space. I am an old client so he can’t possibly ask me more. So I returned angry the other day, and my husband was kind of, alright, let us go out. We had some coffee at the coffee shop and across the street was this store filled with fitness equipment. I asked my husband whether he would consider buying me something now that I had left the gym. He said why not, and we went to that store.

To my surprise there were many elliptical trainers out there, many of which were available for less than $1,000. Now, it was my husband’s turn to be excited because we never expected something like this to be around. He asked the lady at the showroom to show us the best elliptical machines for home use under $1000, and she took us to a corner that had many more of these machines. The one I used at the gym had 10 programs in it, so I felt any of them that had 10 programs or more would be fine.

The Horizon fitness EX-59-02 was the first one to impress me. It had several desirable features such as surround speakers, and flywheel that was heavy duty. 16 levels electronic resistance would be right for my husband as well. I was using something similar at the gym. It has all those fitness programs, i.e., constant watts, random, reverse train, goal oriented, intervals, weight loss, and weight loss plus that I was using at the gym.

My husband was looking for added features and wanted the cooling fan on it. We checked two of those machines as well. They were impressive too, but I felt they were slightly larger for our rooms. Moreover, there is no end to sophistication of machines, is there? We need to be realistic about how much we are going to use it. My husband gave in as he usually does. So we bought the Horizon Fitness, for $700!

Do you know that I used to pay $100 per month as gym fees for one hour each day? I also used to spend another $100 traveling up and down in the month. I will recover those costs in less than a year!