How We Started A Profitable Air Bed Mattress Store


After my wife and I came for our retirement, going into business after working for years is one of the things we both had in our minds. We had saved quite amount of money and my wife had over and over insisted that we put a profitable business and we become independent for the rest of our lives. I also was in for the idea. Although, we had quite a number of business ideas we could put into reality, we chose this single one; starting a camping suppliers store. There was no question this was going to pick up; after all, we lived in an area that is frequented by campers. We were not going to even stop there; we wanted something a little bit different and that had not been exploited by other business people.

After a thorough market research we decided to try our lack on air bed mattresses. An air bed mattress is one of the things any camper cannot live without; besides, I had on several occasions heard several campers asking where they could buy these items. After we had identified the best location; we were out hunting for the best air bed mattress. Since we wanted the best for our customers, together with my wife, we went through the best air mattress & air bed reviews 2016 – TBLIZ and picked the best.

It is now over 5 months since we opened our doors for customers and believe me, we are destined for greatness. However, had it not been for some of the best air bed mattresses we have in store, the story would have been totally different. Our air mattresses are loved by campers and we have in a way become a kind of reference points for those who are looking for the best. They are comfortable and the kind of convenience they come with is another thing. They are just the best.

Source: Tbliz